Is Night Vision Illegal? And Other Night Vision FAQs

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1. What is "night vision"?

Night vision refers to any device that allows an image to take place in an area that is otherwise too dark to discern any type of image.

2. What type of devices help produce night vision?

There are both night vision binoculars and night vision goggles.

3. Other than Batman, who needs night vision binoculars or night vision goggles?

Plenty of people want to use night vision tools for perfectly ordinary reasons. Hunters and fishers both have a definite need for hunting specific types of game that can only be detected at night.

Police and other law enforcers (like Batman) are frequently called out into darkness and night vision helping them to see their targets better.

Ever been camping? It's a pain trying to get up and find a decent place to tie yourself at 3 am in the middle of the woods. A flashlight helps, but night vision goggles are the best tool to take camping with you.

If you have a lot of chores that you need to accomplish outside, you might even choose to purchase night vision devices in order to lengthen the amount of hours you have available during the day.

4. Are night vision devices legal?

In most places night vision devices are legal. However, some countries such as Hungry and the European Union members have classified such devices as military and spy tools. Before purchasing any type of device designed to enhance seeing at night, it is recommended that you double check your local laws to make sure that they are legal.

5. How long have night vision devices been around?

Devices used to enhance vision at night have been around since World War II. The early prototypes were called "sniperscopes" (or snooperscopes) and were designed by the United States army in order to assist snipers both in World World II and in the Korean War.

6. What does "Generation 0" mean? And all the other Generations, for that matter?

Generation 0 refer to the first type of night vision devices. They relied on infrared light sources.

Generation 1 were first designed during the Vietnam War. Instead of infrared light, the Gen 1 devices relied on ambient light. They were a definite improvement, but required the moonlight in order to work correctly.

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