Bering Optics GT-14 Gen.3+ AG Night Vision Monocular BE34122

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Bering Optics’ GT-14 1x 3rd Gen Autogated Night Vision Monocular Kit is a versatile, compact, and durable night vision device that can be used handheld, mounted to a helmet, weapon, or worn with the included headgear. It features a 3rd generation intensifier tube with an autogated power supply and a filmless microchannel plate, which increases the signal-to-noise ratio and efficiency of the intensifier. The autogating greatly improves sensitivity in low-light and varying lighting conditions, protects against bright light burnout, and extends life. To maximize image brightness in nearly-total darkness, the monocular carries a built-in IR illuminator that casts extra infrared light on your targets. To add convenience and stealth for tactical applications, the device offers an automatic off function when you turn it up or take off your headgear. The 1x lens system offers a wide 40 field of view and an ultra-short minimal focusing distance of 10″. This commercial version of PVS-14 style NVD intensifier tube contains some imperfections but delivers an adequate images for any training or task. The housing is made of lightweight and impact-resistant polymer and offers a weather-resistant performance. To prevent spill-over of light from the intensifier tube and to provide a comfortable cushion between your eye and the eyepiece, the eyepiece has a wide rubber eyecup. The body is ergonomic and has knurled adjustment rings. Features: 3rd generation 50-64 lp/mm resolution Autogating increases sensitivity, protects from bright light, and extends tube life IR illuminator casts extra infrared light on targets for visibility in nearly-total darkness 1x magnification 40 angular field of view 10″ minimum focus distance

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